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My favorite thing to do…

My favorite thing to do on Thursday nights:

1. Eat Mac and Cheese

2. Listen to music

3. Watch Bones

4. Take a nap

5. Sip cocoa

What I actually do on Thursday nights…:

1. Eat Mac and Cheese

2. Listen to music

3. Write English Papers

4. Find the value of y, make a table, and graph it

5. Go to sleep at 2 am

He makes it all worthwhile :) Staying up all night. Catching up on Tumblr. and Bones!

Jeremy Renner: Mleh Mleh and she was freaking out



So, apparently there’s been some confusion over who’s butt this is.

Some people think it’s Tom Hiddleston’s.

Some think it’s Jensen Ackles’s.

So I put my super sleuthing skills to the test (I googled it). It’s actually Jeremy Renner’s Ass.

Actually, it isnt! It was pointed out that the arms and hands dont fit Jeremy Renner’s! But, his ass does look like that!!

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